Long lines at stations meant no gas back in the 1970s. But one retailer in Stamford has long lines today for a totally different reason.

"I bypass all the stations along the way in order to buy my gas here, even the Newfield Sunoco that's owned by my friend," said Jeff Rutstein, who was waiting patiently in his SUV at the Global Gas Mart at 1199 High Ridge Road.

With gas prices spiking, the High Ridge Global station has been a destination for many seeking lower prices. The current price at Global is $3.33 per gallon. Not far away, the Gulf station on Long Ridge Road is charging $3.49.

Global is an independent wholesale gasoline distributer and marketer in the Northeast that doesn't have high refining and transportation costs included in its products, according to company documents. The day manager on duty confirmed that business is steadily busy and the lines are a daily occurrence.

Patrick Collins, who lives two miles away on Long Ridge Road, was filling up his car and a plastic gas can to refill his snow blower. "I make a point of coming here because I save 10 to 15 cents a gallon," he said.

Greenwich resident Jennifer Tice was on her way home when she saw the price on the sign and had to pull in. "Gas is 30 cents more per gallon in Greenwich so I had to fill up here."

Where are you finding the lowest gas prices? Will you travel a long way to fill up for a few cents less? Leave a comment below!