Building owners in Connecticut are being urged to clear the snow and ice buildup from their roofs to avoid the risk of collapse. The state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security said its warning applies particularly to flat and low-pitch roofs.

"Snow may seem light and fluffy when you are looking at it from inside,” department Commissioner Peter J. Boynton said in a statement. “But anyone who has shoveled a driveway knows it has real weight, and that weight increases tremendously when rain, freezing rain or sleet is added to the mix."

The National Weather Service says "a deep snowpack remains across a large portion of the tri-state area. A general 10 to 30 inches of snow depth remains on the ground, with the deepest snow values across Connecticut."  

Boyton says building owners should have their roofs checked by a professional if they are uncertain whether they are at risk. 

Have you shoveled or cleared your roof?