New York Giants fans in Stamford and surrounding communities can help one of their own through May 24. Sister Carol Ann, the executive director and headmaster at the Villa Maria School, is one of 20 Giants fans selected for a contest on the team's page. The top 10 vote-getters will have their picture on a 2011 game ticket.

"In the summer of 1974, I was studying at Fairfield University for my master's degree, and the Giants were there for training camp,'' Sister Carol Ann wrote in her story on the team's contest page. "Our paths crossed, and I admit at the time I only knew football was a sport, and that ‘sudden death’ was the quickest way for a devout soul to get to heaven.

"In 1981, Ray Perkins learned the Giants won every game I attended while he was head coach, and he officially named me Honorary Assistant Coach. In this capacity, I boosted the morale of the team through my ‘spirit’ talks at training camp and team meetings, my congratulatory messages, unique gifts, birthday and holiday remembrances and my collection of newspaper clippings that I still artistically display in an album at the end of each season."

Sister Carol Ann attended Super Bowls XXI, XXV and XLII. After teaching at the school for nine years, she became its principal in 1982. She became the executive director in 1997. She is also a professional magician and author. She has been featured in stories in a wide range of publications.

She needs community help in the race for the ticket picture, though. As of Wednesday, she had only one percent of the vote and stood tied for 12th place. To vote for her, click on theand find her story.

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