Coyotes and people are just going to have to get used to each other because neither one is likely to go away any time soon. Coyotes continue to live and survive in Fairfield County because they are adapting to human environments, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection says. 

In January, Darien residents began spotting coyotes and alerting their neighbors of the animal’s presence in the town. In Westport and Wilton the coyotes took aim at pets living in the towns. In March, a coyote was blamed for killing a small dog in Westport. In Wilton, a coyote chased and growled at a pet dog.

Coyotes are not known for attacking people, but people should still be aware of the risk and not allow pets and children to run free, especially at night, the Department of Environmental Protection says. The chances of coyotes attacking humans increase when they are fed by humans and associate people with food.

Eastern coyotes are usually between 48 to 60 inches from nose to tail and weigh between 30 and 50 pounds. They may look like “a small, lanky German Shepard.”

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