It isn’t the 1970s, but that did'nt stop Roxbury Elementary School students from wearing tie-dye t-shirts on Friday. The students were wearing the funkadelic clothing for Autism Awareness Day and Principal Gloria Manna could not stop smiling walking around her school.

“The typical students have gained a compassion and citizenship about the issue and that is the greatest award,” Mann said, explaining how students with Autism are mainstreamed in certain classes.

School secretary Joyce Pinto sold the Stamford Education 4 Autism tie-dye shirts to students, staff, and even parents. Fourth grade teacher Jamie Fabryk purchased t-shirts for every student in her class so they could all show their support on Friday. Every student in the school also decorated a puzzle piece, the international symbol for Autism, and placed them on the walls throughout the school.

In between reading “No Milk” and playing computer games with her students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Toni Lynn Peruzzi said she couldn't be happier for her class to feel like a part of the Roxbury community. “It’s fantastic, absolutely fantastic,” Peruzzi said.

Robin Portanova, who has two children at Roxbury and helped start Stamford Education 4 Autism, was smiling as she passed all the tie-dye t-shirts and puzzle pieces. “This to me is like the best Christmas gift,” she said.

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