The recent spate of rotten weather has taken a bite out of outdoor activity, from planting flowers and vegetables to hiking in the park. But recreational motorcycle enthusiasts are feeling the rain pain, too.

"I'm bummed," says Bill Heske, a Bethel-based cabinetmaker. His preparations for a little time on the road for a trip to Fairfield were hijacked by this reporter, who wanted to gauge his feelings about rain – and lots of it. "I tried to get a ride in last weekend, before the first deluge began," he said. He was successful Saturday, but Sunday was another story. "I'm not a big fan of riding between raindrops," says Heske. Instead he chooses to take his Harley-Davidson out on the road in dry, sunny (but not too hot – or cold) weather.

But can beggars be choosers? "I don't like to ride if the weather's uncooperative," he says. "Some guys don't care but I have no interest in that." He adds, "I like to drive on nice roads in beautiful areas of the state – Litchfield and Fairfield Counties -- where I can see things I can't from my truck. When it's crummy out, it defeats the purpose."

Another of his favorite warm weather pastimes is water skiing, and he'd hoped to get in his boat last week to that end. But for now he just shakes his head when contemplating what looks to be a dearth of the coming weekend's outdoor adventures. "I won't even be able to mow my lawn."

Since when is not having to mow your lawn a bad thing? Apparently, one man's ceiling is another man's floor.

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