Timely, controversial and cutting edge, the film Two Angry Moms, and the ensuing movement getting the attention of a growing national audience, address an issue of great concern to parents across the country. With more than 35 percent of American children obese or at risk of becoming so, the film asks, "What is happening to the health of our children and how does school food factor in?" "Two Angry Moms" covers the history of the school lunch program and the impact of government policy and private interests upon it.The movie chronicles of two fed-up moms who start a grass-roots revolution to bring attention to the need for nutritious food options in schools. The film documents the efforts of leaders in the better school food movement, as they take on the system across the country.

On Monday, May 23rd at 7:00 p.m., the Stamford School Readiness Council, in partnership with the Avon Theatre, Stamford Hospital and the United Way of Western Connecticut, is bringing the acclaimed documentary to Stamford. Importantly, "Two Angry Moms" shows not only what is wrong with school food, but offers strategies for overcoming roadblocks and getting nutritious food into school cafeterias.

A panel discussion immediately following the movie will feature the filmmaker, Amy Kalafa, as well as moderator Dr. Madhu Mathur of Stamford Hospital, Dr. Dale Atkins, Licensed Psychologist (and frequent guest on the Today Show), Dr. Sharon Akabas, Associate Director for Educational Initiatives, Columbia University and Ken Wolfe, Director of Dining Services, Stamford Public Schools

The event is free but an RSVP is required. Tickets can be reserved on a first come/first serve basis here.

For more details about the movie and the movement, call Bridget Fox, chair of the Stamford School Readiness Council, at .

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