Stamford sisters Francheska Velazquez and Jessica Perez-Velazquez graduated from the University of Bridgeport’s Ideal Program on May 7. The program is designed for adults to go to college and earn a degree at an accelerated pace.

“It's never too late to go back and finish school. Education is something that nobody or thing could take away from you,” Francheska wrote in an email.

The Ideal Program is designed for adults 23 and older who want to earn their undergraduate degrees. Course scheduling is flexible and classes meet only once a week over five to eight weeks so students can attend when it's best for them, the program’s says. learned about the Velazquez sisters' graduation from Francheska, who sent their picture to us. In return the sisters, received a gift of free merchandise from You can receive free merchandise, too, by sending in a picture of your college graduate and information about the graduation.  

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