The six vacant principal positions in Stamford for the 2011-12 school year are no longer vacant after the Board of Education appointed people to the positions Tuesday night. The vacancies were at Cloonan Middle School and five elementary schools.

Taking over for Principal David Rudolph at Cloonan will be one of Rudolph’s assistant principals, David Tate. Tate has also served as assistant principal at Westover Magnet and Rogers International elementary schools.

Mark Woodard, current assistant principal of Toquam Magnet, will take over as principal July 1, when Louise F. Spolowitz leaves. Before working at Toquam, he was a teacher leader at Stillmeadow School.

When Roshelley Woodson leaves Springdale at the end of this year, her assistant principal Anne Downey will take over the top spot. She was at Rogers International and Toquam before coming to Springdale.

Connie Stevenson, assistant principal of Newfield Elementary School, will move to Northeast School and take over as principal. She served as assistant principal at Northeast School before her time at Newfield.

K.T. Murphy will see the familiar face of Frank Rodriguez take over as principal next year. Rodriguez began his teaching career at K.T. Murphy and most recently served as the school’s assistant principal.

There was one external candidate hired when Michael Pisseri was approved by the board to take over at Davenport Ridge School. Currently, Pisseri is the assistant principal at Ponus Ridge Middle School in Norwalk.

What do you think of the new principal hires in Stamford Public Schools? How do you think they will do in their new positions?