Superintendent Joshua Starr, addressing his appointment as superintendent in the Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland during his report Tuesday night to the school board, said he is up for a new challenge in the much bigger school district.

“It’s really a wonderful opportunity for me,” Starr said of his new position. Although the Montgomery Public School District is the 16th largest in the country and about 10 times the size of Stamford, Starr says there are some similarities. He cited the demographics in both districts and their commitment to teach every single student no matter the background or circumstance.

As he prepares to finish the school year and leave, Starr said the Stamford schools are on the right path to get every child to achieve at the highest of standards. It was that standard that attracted Starr to Stamford in the first place, he says, he expects it to continue after he leaves. “Stamford has unlimited potential,” Starr said.

He said Stamford residents should not feel discouraged that he is leaving, and he credited many of his accomplishments to the staff and leaders in the city's schools. The superintendent only helps and supports them and their hard work, Starr said.

Starr's appointment is not official: The Maryland Superintendent of Public Schools still needs to approve his appointment as well as finish negotiation talks.

The Stamford Board of Education has yet to announce plans for hiring his replacement.

What do you think of Superintendent Joshua Starr’s tenure in Stamford?