Milton and Marion Drexler were unhappy with the tax rate approved by Stamford’s Board of Finance Tuesday night. But not because their property taxes will rise. Rather, they were disturbed because even with an increase the city’s spending plan does away with the Commission on Aging.

The new property tax rate will be $17.37 per $1,000 of assessed value. It is based on a gross tax levy increase of 1.75 percent. The average property tax rate was $17.04 per $1000 of assessed value for this past year. The mill rate break down by district is as follows: A -- 17.49, B -- 17.10, C -- 16.31, C/S -- 16.64, Personal Property -- 17.49, and Uniform Motor Vehicle -- 26.50.

Marion Drexler said while she understands that the city of Stamford should find ways to save money for taxpayers, the Commission on Aging should not be cut. She added that she worked with Greenwich Social Services and knows how important help for the elderly can be. She said her husband has taken classes on wellness through the commission.

“To dissolve [the Commission on Aging], that is going above and beyond,” Drexler said.

The mill rate increase for fiscal 2011-12 was approved by a 4-2 margin. Openly disagreeing with the increase, Bob Kolenberg said that he had a spending plan for the city that would not increase taxes and that he intended to uphold a promise he made in the fall.

“I made a pledge not to increase the tax level,” Kolenberg said before the vote was taken. “I can’t support [the new mill rate].”

Kolenberg’s position shocked fellow board member Scott Mirken, who pointed to several missed opportunities Kolenberg had to lower the tax rate. Mirken specifically brought up the Board of Education budget, which he said Kolenberg did not try to cut in April.

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